Mr. Nand 

Mr Nand is an educationist heart. Having more than 23 years of extensive and diverse management and leadership experience covering a broad range to service industries. His enterprises, extending from manufacturing, trading, export – import to service industries. His admirable and wide experience demonstrates his adaptability to be flexible and able to transfer his knowledge and skills to new challenges and situations.

Mr Nand is a very confident learner whose special trait is a pursuit of knowledge perfection and mastery in his work. His philosophy starts with a clear vision followed by research and plaining, careful implementation, risk assessment and evaluation. He believes in the strength of team work and works endlessly and selflessly to ensure objectives are met.

He is very able communicator and makes inspiring addresses to a large audience. His success will always be referred back to those he has worked with. He expects high standards and commitment from those who work with him and never compromises with professional ethos and values.   

Judith Finnemore

Judith Finnemore has wide experience of more than 40+ years in the field of education. As education consultant and transformational improvement agent she has played key roles for many educational institutions. She added great value with her experience in her successful leadership roles and will be a great asset for SVARNA in advisory role.

Judith was a School Improvement specialist at Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and for the last seven years has managed an educational consultancy based in Al Ain. She is passionate about providing enhanced life changes for young people and has worked with a number of bodies in the UK on the provision of enriching educational opportunities.

Judith P Finemore

Mr. Rashid is multitalented professional with specialization in the area of law, policy and procedures. He graduated from Law in year 2002 and secured qualification as Public Policy Expert from LSE University, London (UK). He gained wide range of leadership experience in last 23 years working with Dubai Police General Command, Ministry of Health and Road and Transport Authority.

Mr. Rashid is very innovative leader and a confident learner. His strength of knowledge is not limited to the areas of legal affairs and judicial disputes but extended to administrative contracts, agreements, policies, procedures, risk assessments, crisis and emergency management etc. He has won many accolades, certificates, awards and medals. He possesses a leadership spirit and is capable of multi-tasking.

His expertise lies in analyzing issues and providing appropriate solutions. He is a member of the Emirates Association of Lawyers and Jurists and publishes legal papers and articles. He is well known for preparing workshops and training courses for different professionals. Raising the level of performance and developing technical and personal skills is his area of expertise and his presence as a member of Svarna advisory board will be an added strength.

Renu has been in the field of education for more than 22 years. She has worked with some of the top schools in the UAE, Oman, Libya and India. She has a proven track record of successfully managing resources and staff to improve educational services, thereby providing pupils and teachers with the best environment to achieve their full potential. Over the decade, Renu has effectively managed, mentored and coached leadership teams in different institutions and currently playing a very creative and innovative role as educationist. Her well-developed capacity to build trusting relationships, enthuse, motivate and encourage collaboration from stakeholders, staff and management, has proven her to be an invaluable asset to multiple projects.

Renu undoubtedly leads by example, and is able to successfully motivate and facilitate an effective training program. She has been a part of the DSIB inspections since their inception and through her understanding of the framework has been instrumental in raising the school judgements for the school’s she’s worked in Senior Leadership positions.

renu sharma

Dr Joan Telford 

Dr Joan Telford is a highly experienced and well-qualified educator. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Dr Telford has held a number of teaching and advisory roles including the Transition role for the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, and Lead Practitioner in Pedagogy, Research and Development at Phoenix School and Academy, London, where she played an integral role in the school’s transformation.

Dr Telford has extensive and diversified experience as educator to add much more value to the SVARNA board. Dr Telford also holds awards as a Neurolinguistics Practitioner, ILM Chartered Mentor and Coach and an NFER research specialist.  

Dr. Joan Telford

Steve Melhuish

Mr. Steve Melhuish has been Involved in education for nearly 30 years. He was awarded a degree in biomedical science from Southampton University(UK). where he also trained as a teacher before teaching in a variety of schools from large inner-city schools to smaller schools in rural settings. Steve is currently the Head of Science and Computing at a school on the south coast of the United Kingdom. He is also the creator of Fridge Physics. a free educational website resource for teachers and students. Fridge Physics allows students to access and learn physics equations by practicing calculations that they may encounter in physics examinations, and demonstrates physics concepts in everyday settings. More recently, Steve has patented Teacher Fast Feedback, a teaching tool he developed that allows teachers to give feedback to students by linking a mobile dictation app via Bluetooth to a portable printer via Bluetooth. The result is a sticky label that can be fastened on student work. Teacher Fast Feedback has taken the UK teaching community by storm and is allowing teachers to reduce their marking time by at least 75%

Steve Maluish

Penny Nakhle

Hailing originally from Australia, Penny has had a distinguished career teaching in schools in Australia and in the United Emirates before becoming a School Improvement Consultant based in Al Ain in 2014. In that time she used her infectious enthusiasm to make a great difference in transforming a number of schools to raise them from ‘Weak’ to at least ‘Satisfactory’. Penny was also a tutor on the Cambridge International Certificate of Teaching and Training. A proponent of active, engaged learning, Penny was integral in ensuring trainees were apprised of necessary strategies for bringing classrooms alive. Since returning to her native Australia, Penny has worked in schools for Queensland Education and is currently a school leader there.


Awal Khan

Mr. Awal Khan is a proficient and well experienced digital marketer. Awal Khan, a native of Pakistan, has held a variety of teaching and marketing positions, including one in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he was instrumental in the business transformation for the Svarna and tourism industries.

Awal Khan Digital Marketing Trainer in Dubai