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Our Faculty


John Crimmins

John Crimmins is a graduate of Counselling and Psychotherapy from Trinity College, Ireland. He has more than 20 years experience in the field of Psychology, Behavioural Modification and Motivational Psychology. Mr. Crimmins specializes in Self and Professional Development courses.


Saba Yousaf

An MBA Degree holder with 7+ years of experience in individual and corporate trainings. Saba Yousaf is specializing in Sales & Marketing and Business Administration courses.


Siddharth Lohana

Highly knowledgeable Learning and Development Specialist with excellent interpersonal skills. Strong ability in designing, conducting and implementing training and educational programs. A result oriented individual with a thorough knowledge based in the real estate and financial products. Exceptional leader talented at Leadership and Management, Team Building and Coaching for Optimum Performance. Technically-savvy with outstanding relationship building, training and presentation skills.


Esther Adesuwa

Ms. Esther have gained an aptitude for IT training and an up-to-date knowledge of common applications and systems coupled with good oral and written communication skills with well-developed interpersonal and facilitation skills .
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