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Benefits of Corporate Training

Improves morale of employees

Training helps the employee to increase job security and job satisfaction. The more satisfied the employee is, greater are their morale and the more they will contribute to a company’s success.

Lower Employee Turnover/ Higher Employee Retention

Employee retention has long been a challenge in the UAE market. So as to reduce the instances of attrition, training and development has become an important tool in motivating staff to remain with their current employer for longer. Better professional development opportunities now enable employees to have an increased commitment to their employers through adequate and timely professional development. As with any other developed market, job roles and expectations change over time, and it is vital employees are properly trained so as to complete their roles effectively.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are better motivated and consequently give higher quality output. Training and development provides ‘skill and will’ enhancement through training interventions which increase employee engagement and satisfaction. Regular professional development addresses problems such as de-motivation, fatigue & skill stagnation etc. The resulting effect is an engaged and motivated workforce.

Cost Reduction

The highest costs in the HR cycle usually falls in the first two years of the employee’s contractual cycle. Training and development removes the additional cost of new recruitment by utilizing existing employees as fully as possible, and reducing attrition.

Training as Hiring Tool

Employees are increasingly looking for organizations that facilitate employee development programs. Such companies bear higher chances of quality recruitment and achieving the right fit by attracting a better talent pool.

Cross- Functional Flexibility

Organizations, especially new ventures, benefit greatly from flexibility and transferable skills. Training facilitates cross functional efficiency thus leading to greater productivity. Training therefore is highly useful for job rotation within the organization.

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