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Svarna Training Institute provides an array of training courses and workshops that can last from one to five days. Every company does its utmost to obtain the extra competitive advantage and in order to do so, an organization requires guidance, support and the chance to develop new skills. Our Institute can design a new training program from the scratch up to your specifications or modify already existing material. All are provided and prepared with the best national and local expertise available.

Do you want a competitive advantage?

A customized training program has a high return on investment since every aspect of the course is relevant to your organization and its business & goals. Throughout the training course, the staff will easily and promptly relate the content of the course to their own work and its environment, which in turn, enhances the skills needed of your employees. By providing relevant, tangible scenarios, case studies and simulations, employees will be able to apply freshly acquired theoretical knowledge at work.

Svarna understands your business

Svarna Training Institute has a strong cluster of specialists with the right knowledge and experience to understand specific needs. Therefore, whichever industry sector you are in, we will assign the most suitable trainer and consultant to every project.

Custom Fit Course

As it has been mentioned earlier, our customized training programs are designed to develop your employee’s skills. We begin by obtaining an understanding of your current situation and getting a clear picture of what you hope to achieve. Afterwards, the identification of needed skills is required in order to assist you in achieving the target. Whether we create the course from the scratch or customize existing one, the program we design for you is as unique as your organization. There are overall five steps in the process, which will be explained below.

Can I choose the time & place?

One of our competitive advantage is flexibility in everything and hence, we do provide flexible delivery options. You can choose either to send your employees to our center for the training or else, we can come and deliver the course in your premises. Training schedule is fairly flexible with various options for delivery.

5 Steps to your Customized Training Course

Once you decide that Customized Training is the right approach for your staff, we will initiate a five-step plan designed to meet your training objectives:

Steps in the ProcessActions
1. Determining your needsTogether with Svarna course developers you will identify your organization's objectives.
2. Training needs analysisSvarna will analyze your current skills base and identify the appropriate training.
3. Program design and developmentSvarna will design and develop the Customized Training Program to meet your training needs.
4. Program deliverySvarna will design and develop the Customized Training Program to meet your training needs.
5. Program evaluationSvarna will conduct an evaluation of your Customized Training Program and provide you with valuable feedback as to the effectiveness of the program.
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