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Customer Service Training Master Class in Hospitality industry


Innovative Customer Service training is all about empowering the roles of hospitality customer service professionals for the first time, by learning and mastering four main elements of the TTQS Model, namely, host, guest, product, and quality service. You will not find anywhere else delivering customer service training following this model. It also filled in with inspirational real-life experiences, brainstorming, quizzes, videos, role play, and unique storytelling for an unforgettable learning experience.

Why Innovative Customer Service Training?

This training using the “Together Towards Quality Service Model,” is vital to all customer service professionals that are not only about on how to deliver quality service, but is equally important, is about empowering the roles of these professionals like yourself, by learning the main 4 Elements of the TTQS Model, namely;

  • PRODUCTS, all are focusing on GUESTS / CUSTOMERS.

Enhancing these four elements that based on customer-centric culture, by upscaling hosts’ professionalism, be open-minded on a paradigm shift, and understand your guests better by mastering economic experience. You will be learning how to relate to ancient and modern Hospitality in delivering quality service.  Then, you will be introducing to current quality methodologies in providing quality service.  Finally, induced with great memorable guest experience, from real-life examples, resulting in gaining more loyal customers, repeated business, and transformation to the moment of truth for both hosts and the guests.

Few take away;

Empower customer-centric team:

Today’s most industries, including Hospitality, demands employees who make decisions and can take responsibility and being responsible for their actions. Innovative customer service training will open the doors of empowerment and responsible customer-centric teams who deliver quality services and make a real difference in Hospitality working culture.

Professionalism & consistency:

The key to putting together a base of loyal guests/customers is simple: provide quality service efficiently and well-mannered. Your customer-centric team will be well prepared and understood the importance of staying sharp in how they do their jobs, and being mindful of consistency, meeting guest’s expectations is critical in maintaining loyal guests and the business bottom line.

Everyone is an excellent host to exceed customer expectations:

From your front of the house to the back and other departments, each employee represents the organization. They play an essential part in your guest journey. The Innovative Customer Service Training will prepare all employees from different levels to be a complimentary guest’s ambassador.  In today’s competitive hospitality services industry, it’s not enough to smile, offer prompt services, and meet your customers’ expectations. Today’s customers demand more with an additional level of service from employees. Innovative customer service training explores the needs and wants of our guest profiles and determine the exceptional quality service to exceed their expectations.

Most important, work from the heart:

If services offered and come from the heart, that is the same as giving genuine Hospitality. Undoubtedly, guests feel excited and taken care of in the delivery of quality service as a team. Innovative customer service training explores ancient Hospitality in delivery genuine Hospitality, understanding the realm of economy experience in exceeding guests’ expectations, using a service quality model combined with mindset shift to create a tremendous memorable guest experience.

  • Gain more relevant experiences from the workshop shared real-life experiences.
  • Instill a sense of ownership and accountability.
  • You will be Enrichment in self-confidence in dealing with your team members and guests.
  • It will contribute to better-off, a happier & more productive at your workplace.
  • Will empower a more productive and customer-focused workforce, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Learn how to elevate the level of Hospitality & deliver a consistent superior quality service.
  • Enhancement confidence and knowledge.
  • Transform skills & be part of a customer-centric culture.
  • Increases the number of repeated guests, revenue, and business bottom line!

After attending this training, delegates should be able to:

  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge about the ancient hospitality culture and how it can be related to modern Hospitality.
  • Distinguish between Hospitality and service in delivering quality service.
  • It will increase your skill levels and professionalism, including performance abilities in all major hospitality soft skills such as Problem Solving, Empathy, Teamwork, Strategy & Innovation, and Stress & Time Management.
  • Identify the importance of professionalism & a positive teamwork environment.
  • Explain the essential elements of effective business etiquette that contribute to a guest’s experience.
  • Explain how to achieve guest/client “moment of truth” as part of a team member.
  • Describe how to elevate the level of quality service by using modern quality methodologies.
  • Describe how the economy experience is related to the guest experience, and you can contribute to exceeding expectations.
  • Outline efficiently & successfully how to resolve queries, supply relevant information & conclude every interaction on a positive note.
  • Identify “moment of truth” opportunities, be able to easily connecting from heart-to-heart, from one human being to another.

DAY 1:  Module One. (5 hours including 15 mins break)


  • Introduction: TTQS
  • Benefits & Learning Objectives
  • The TTQS Model


  • The Origin & Ancient Hospitality
  • The word “hospitality.”
  • Origin & Meaning.
  • Middle Eastern ancient Hospitality


  • Service & Hospitality
  • Definitions: Service & Hospitality


  • Know your guests/customers.
  • Introduction: Know your guests to exceed expectations
  • Types of guests, traits, and needs

Day 2: Module two. (5hrs including 15 mins break)


  • Four E’s of Experience Economy
  • Objectives, overview & introduction of services experience
  • Four Realms of Experiences


  • Exceeding guest’s expectations
  • Introduction & the triple P’s


  • Professionalism in the hospitality industry
  • Introduction: What is professionalism?
  • Professional Attributes, dimensions & characteristics


  • The Paradigm shift – “Aha” moment
  • Introduction: Person’s and social paradigms
  • The Power of Paradigm Shift

Day 3: Module Three. (3hrs including 10mins break)


  • Quality Service
  • The SERVQUAL Model
  • Five dimensions (RATER)


  • Handling Complains
  • Use of L.U.A. to resolve disputes
  • Preparation for Final Training Evaluation

Day 4: Last Module Four. (3hrs including 10mins break)


  • Great memorable Guest Experience – GMGE
  • Introduction, guest experience equation, and service culture
  • Examples of Real-life Experiences in creating GMGE


  • Moment of Truth
  • Moment of truth in the workplace and customer service
  • Final Evaluation Session and feedback. (one hour)
  • Four days, a total of 16 hours

Workshop Delivery Format

  • The training delivery can be at the client’s site or our training center in Dubai.
  • Or Online: Using the Zoom platform
  • Training set up of 15 students & a maximum of up to 25 students for utmost attention, both if online or offline.
  • Catching a higher level of attention for all delegates learning abilities by using:

V.A.K. learning techniques, Visual, Auditory, and Kinetic.

  • Use of projector to display presentation slides

Who should attend?

  • Innovative Customer Service Training is suitable and beneficial to a wide range of individuals working or study in the hospitality industry and other industries serving customers.

Who can benefit from this training?

  • This customer service intends for customer-facing office/house staff from all levels, restaurant/bar staff, and event staff. If you’re a manager or supervisor, this training is also beneficial for you. You will be able to ensure all staff, including yourself, are consistently providing exceptional customer service.

Workshop Methodology:

  • A combination of facilitator presentation, lectures with impact shared with video clips, real-life experiences, and storytelling.
  • Encourages delegate’s participation through group brainstorming activities & role-plays to reinforce skill gained.
  • This training is lead by a skilled & energetic trainer who committed to delegating growth mindsets.


All our courses are KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, U.A.E.) certified.

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Meet your Facilitator & Trainer:

Mr. Hassan Al Jabri

Mr. Hassan Al Jabri


Al Jabri is a Certified Manager of Quality, Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority certified trainer with more than 24 years of international experience leading a diverse range of organizations from startups, small businesses to multinational corporations (Oil and Gas, F&B, Engineering, Government, and Private Sectors).

Al Jabri is also an expert in developing strategic planning measurement systems, including human capital management, organization behavior, change management, and customer-centric culture. Apart from being a Certified Manager of Quality – Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE), Al Jabri holds Professional certification in HR – International (SPHRi), Building Leadership Skills, and Train-the-Trainer certifications. Al Jabri also holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Stratford International University, from the USA and Diplomas in Human Resource and Hotel management.

Al Jabri, as a Trainer and Public Speaker, has conducted different areas of training and workshops for various industries with a large number of delegates from the Middle East and around the world. Al Jabri redefined traditional practice on how individuals can be empowered and trained using his unique model known as the TTQS model (Together Towards Quality Service). He is also actively facilitating “Innovative Customer Service Training” in the hospitality industry by using his model for significant hotels in the UAE and East Africa.

Other Mr. Al Jabry’s attributes in the Hospitality industry, empowerment & motivation:

  • He is active in online travel & hotel booking platform with the highest guest’s ratings.
  • He visited more than 180 hotels and 32 cities around the world.

Al Jabri is an author of published Amazon books titled: Gangnam Inspiration – motivational book, and fiction series under titled Dubai 2050, City of Gold Survivors.

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