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  • CFNFM - Certificate Finance for Non Finance Managers
  • CFNFP - Certificate Finance for Non finance Professionals
  • CFCFPE - Certificate Finance for Non finance professional & Entrepreneurs
  • CFP - Certificate Finance professional
  • CFME - Certificate in Finance Modelling using Excel
  • CBFMP - Certificate Building Finance for Management Practices

The course presents concise commentary on Accounting and Finance. Sound financial knowledge is critical to business success. Todays fast-paced business environment demands a dynamic blend of finance expertise, strategic thinking and a highly practical approach. You will gain access to all basic and latest finance research and techniques.

Why ?

  • A step towards becoming a professional accountant
  • Understanding the cost of business operations and its management
  • Gives a professional qualification for working in the field of accounting
  • Flexible pace to complete the qualifications
  • Practical Approach towards financial statement and its interpretation.

What ?

  • Understand end to end reconciliation
  • Gain practical application of Accounting Fundamentals
  • Understand financial statements and their key elements
  • Understand the potential of investment projects
  • Understand the cost of business operations and its management
  • Understand how business decisions made by you impact key elements of your company’s
  • financial statements
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