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Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Outline

Part 1: Getting Started with Digital Marketing

1.Understanding the Customer Journey
2.Choosing the right market campaign
3.Creating Winning Offers

Part 2: Using Content to Generate Fans, Followers, and Customers

4.Practicing Content Marketing Perfection
5.Blogging for Business
6.57 Blog Post Ideas

Part 3: Generating Website Traffic

7.Building High-Converting Landing Pages
8.Capturing Traffic with Search Marketing
9.Leveraging the Social Web
10.Paid Traffic
11.Following Up with Email Marketing

Part 4: Measuring, Analyzing, and Optimizing Campaigns

12.Crunching Numbers: Running a Data-Driven Business
13.Optimizing Your Campaigns for Maximum ROI

Part 5: “Tens”

14.The Ten Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes
15.Ten Trending Digital Marketing Skills to Add to Your Resume
16.Ten Vital Tools for Digital Marketing Success

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In this information age internet has disrupted each and every industry, where fundamental disciplines have emerged as the staples of marketing any organization in a digital world. Today Digital Marketing is less about digital and more about marketing. This course is full of tips, tactics, techniques and insights that will prepare a person to start his/her own business or simply for those who want to hone current digital marketing skills and get up to speed on the latest digital marketing resources.

Target audience
For anyone who wants to learn more about digital marketing and its current techniques, tips and tactics.

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