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English Level I (Elementary)

Total Hrs: 36-40

Our elementary English language course helps the beginners to make a breakthrough to their English  speaking skills . The course emphasizes on thorough understanding  of English grammar along with useful vocabulary which  helps the learners to formulate basic sentences and express themselves clearly.

Course Outcome:

  • Enable learners to express themselves in day to day conversation.
  • Enable learners to respond accurately in real life situations.
  • Provide sufficient and appropriate vocabulary
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of different grammatical structure.

Course Outline:

S. NTopicsSub TopicsHoursActivityAssignments
1ABC of EnglishIntroduction,2Introduction
2Express yourselfWho you are / were.
What you have or had
4Making sentences using simple present / past and future
3Describing Things and PicturesDescribing things with It /This4Usage of Pronouns
4Asking QuestionFraming Questions with IS am are / Was were and will4usage of tag question
5Asking QuestionUse of Do /Did4usage of tag question
6How to talk about
Your feeling
Angry upset sad or happy4usage of emotive words
7Expressing problemsMaking complaints, saying no, saying sorry4Practice
8Request and PermissionUse of Can and May4Practice
Use of Should have to and must4Practice
10Popular words to knowThings ,Food, Clothes Weather, Looks and People4Practice
11Test and Evaluation2Practice


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