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English Level II (Intermediate)

Total Hrs: 36-40

Our Intermediate English language course has been designed to upskill English-speaking abilities of non-native speakers to communicate more confidently in English in social contexts. The course emphasizes on Everyday Life conversation supplementing with useful vocabulary which helps the learners to overcome their fear of speaking and express themselves fluently on various social occasion.

Course Outcome:

  • Enable learners to speak fluently in daily conversation.
  • Enable learners to respond and accurately in real life situations.
  • Provide latest phrases and idiom to sound like native speaker
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of functional grammar.

Course Layout:

S. NTopicsSub TopicsHoursActivityAssignments
1Meeting & Greeting,
Initiating conversation
2Day to Day ConversationTelling Direction
Excuse for being late, Asking for information
4Information Gap Activity
3At the workMaking Phone calls,
Answering Calls
4Role play
4Social skillsInviting People, Talk about plans, departure phrases
How do people say
4Group Activity
5Expressing problemsMaking complaints, saying no, being apologetic4Practice
6Talking about jobDescribing Job and Job profile, Talking about expertise4Role play
7Uncommon ExpressionConditional Sentences &Phrases3Role play
8VocabularyFrom all walks of life3Practice
9GrammarSimple Present,
Simple Past
Present perfect, Prepositions
10Test and Evaluation2


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