About the Programme

Human Resources Management/ Strategic Human Resources Management is a broad field comprising various functions, such as People Operations, Talent Acquisition, Employee Experience, Performance Management, Talent Management, Learning and Development and so on. As you might have noticed, managing HR functions requires a wide range of skills, starting with the ability of handling others and yourself and finishing with the ability to solve problem effectively and make well-versed decisions and overall will assist in developing critical skills, which are vital for HRM/SHRM.

Human Resource Management/ Strategic Human Resource Management training is particularly for those who are not genuinely knowledgeable in HRM/SHRM and its function in their organization. It is also beneficial who have some practical experience in the field, but lack in formal training. Professionals who want to extend their knowledge in HRM/SHRM, along with upgrading their interpersonal and professional skills, can find this training fairly advantageous. Managers, who are responsible for some personnel functions can also attend the training programme.

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All our courses are KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, U.A.E.) certified.