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Paras Doshi

Svarna training institute is perfect place to achieve your desired score in Ielts. My special thanks to Nisha for going out of the box to help me and train me to achieve my score. Thanks a lot.

Zibu Zachariah

Very happy with the training programme for IELTS. Additionally, the computer aided tests were well organized & the location is quite easy to reach from any part of the city. Overall good experience

Anjali Shenoy

Svarna Institute is quite good. I gave my computer delivered IELTS test and it was good. The staff is quite warm and friendly and the examination center is clean ,neat and we'll euipped.

Sarah Abid

Svarna Institute is quite good. I gave my computer delivered IELTS test and it was good. The staff is quite warm and friendly and the examination center is clean ,neat and we'll euipped.

Diya Rewani

If you need a well organized , useful , flexible and fun classes , Ms. Nisha is the best suit for you . Her lectures not only helped me understand ielts strategies but also enhanced my vocabulary. She endeavors to ensure that every student in the class engages and gets the best value of time and money they invest . Her profound interest in teaching is truly incredible .

Aditya Bakshi

The team of leading professionals will guide you to achieve your required score. I would recommend to sign up for the IELTS coaching services provided here specially under the guidance of Ms. Nisha. I have had very pleasant experience while undertaking the course.

Rumba Aj Gaming

One of the best & Well experience Institute in town (Dubai) I would like to thank Miss Mia and entire team for help me to prepare for my IELTS. Once again thank you Miss Mia for giving me an opportunity to learn from you. (BE GOOD DO GOOD)

Gausia Aslam

The trainer for the IELTS courses, Miss Farhathunishaa is a wonderful person providing structured and objective based training which has been very effective. She is very resourceful and has a manner of delivery which is very re-assuring. Comprehensive training. Highly recommended.

Jahanzaib Shamim

One of professional and well managed institute. I must say Ms. Mia Glisson is one of expert in her field and provided timely and effective review with customized plan to target specific areas which needs attention and enable me to get my desire band with ease.

Dr. Shaistha

It was very beneficial for me to register in svarna training institute. I must thank you Nisha for mentoring me with IELTS preparation. Your guidance and the tips are quite useful. All the members are so helpful and quick to respond on any queries. I would highly recommend this institute based on my personal experience.

Akash Rajasekar

It is a great institute for IELTS coaching. Ms. Nisha will provide the necessary coaching and guidance required to achieve desired band scores.

Sneha M

Happy to learn from Svarna training institute. Fully happy and really looking forward to learn more from you. Staff members too good and co-operative. Thank you so very much Svarna Training Institute.


Experienced Teachers, friendly staffs, value for money. Thanks to All the teachers, special mention about Ms. Nisha and Mr. Kumar. Last but the least, Supportive and humble person the Proprietor Madam. Thanks to team members.

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