Certified Warehouse Management Professional

Warehouse operation is at the foundation of every successful business in Supply Chain Management.  It’s an area that could either destroy your business. Or propel it into something customers trust. Even big e-commerce brands found that 80% of customers ranked shipping cost and speed to be “extremely influential” in where they shopped. With price being deemed the only purchasing factor more persuasive.

The need for effective warehouse management is more important than ever. But getting it right is no simple task. That’s why Svarna Institute put together this relevant course of warehouse management.

We cover the key skills, competencies and process needed to run a warehouse.


Training Understanding Form

Training Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Warehouse Management

The role of the warehouse, Types of warehouse operation, Why do we hold stock?, Warehouse location, Supply chain trends affecting warehouses, Specialized warehousing

Module 2: Role of the warehouse manager
Warehouse trade-offs, the warehouse manager’s challenges, Lean warehousing, People management, People challenges, Training, Warehouse audit, Quality systems

Module 3: Warehouse processes
Receiving, Pre-receipt, In-handling, Preparation, Offloading, Cross docking, Recording, Quality control, Put-away, Pick preparation, Types of automated picking, Examples of automated picking systems, Handling equipment, Storage equipment

Order-picking methods, Paper pick lists, Pick by label, Pick by voice, Barcode scanning, Radio frequency identification, Pick by light/pick to light, Put to light, Vision pick, Comparisons, Cost of errors

Deciding on type of picking system and equipment, Replenishment, Value-adding services, Inventory Management, Cycle counting or perpetual inventory counts, Security, Returns processing, Dispatch, Documentation, Role of the driver

Module 4: Warehouse layout
Systematic Layout Planning, Data collection and analysis, Warehouse layout examples, Finding additional space, Mezzanine floors,

Module 5: Storage and handling equipment
Storage systems & Internal transport, Storage equipment, Storage options, Warehouse handling equipment, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), specialized equipment, recent technical advances

Module 6: Performance management
Introduction, why do we need to measure? What should we be measuring? How to choose the right performance measures, Traditional productivity measures, new performance metrics, Key performance indicators, Receiving efficiency, Rate of return, Picking accuracy , Order lead time,  Benchmarking

Module 7: Outsourcing
The outsourcing decision, Core activity/core competence, Cost reduction, cost visibility and economies of scale, Improvement in customer service, Capital investment reduction, Flexibility, Role of third-party contractors

Module 8: Warehouse management systems
Introduction, why does a company need a WMS? Choosing a WMS, What to look for in a Warehouse Management System

Module 9: Health and safety
Risk assessments, Layout and design, Fire safety, Slips and trips, Manual handling, Working at height, Vehicles, Forklift trucks, First aid, Insuring against liability


All our courses are KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, U.A.E.) certified.

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