IELTS Preparation

About Svarna Training Institute

We have been around for 8 years but our values have not changed – we continue with our promise to give you a memorable experience with quality training results. At Svarna, we offer customized bespoke training with a consultative approach to design, deliver and report. We take great care to make sure that everything we deliver is relevant to the needs and objectives to individuals and Corporate. We put in place clear objectives and measure progress against these to make sure that learners reach their goals. We analyze feedback and progress from the point of view of both the learner and trainer and agree the most appropriate reporting methods with each of our students.

At Svarna, as Corporate Innovative Training Solution Provider we guarantee a well-rounded training and education based on their individual needs and unique characteristics that meet the specific needs of business, industry and commerce. We take the time to understand the organization before we start a training intervention. Our programs are then consistent & synergized with our client’s standards & processes, applicable regulations, and current industry best practices customizing, designing and tailoring the modules.

“If mastering a skill requires training, then the training requires quality.” At SVARNA, we provide targeted quality training courses. Customer satisfaction being our core target, SVARNA Training Institute meets the professional needs of individuals across the globe. Our unique and distinctive methodology continues to enhance standards, offering a wide range of our courses.