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Corporate Training

Is your company ready for 2020 Expo?

Expo 2020 will attract 25 million visitors over six months, which will create mammoth business opportunities for all business sectors & industries, but mainly in hospitality/banking/retail/real estate sectors which will organize and manage these huge numbers of visitors. Companies will need well trained and highly skilled manpower to provide the economic and business support which Dubai requires to be recognized as an internationally renowned destination for high caliber events like Expo 2020.
With the awareness that employee development will play a major role in next five years and beyond, organizations are equipping themselves with professionally trained staff. With tremendous opportunities for business in EXPO 2020, human resources will definitely be the most important asset any company or business will have.

Their development is fundamental to the overall success of a company. The investment in educating & training professionals is the biggest need now. The Overall objective now is to achieve enhanced economic strength of the company & professionally manage expectations for the years running up to Expo 2020 and beyond

Why Training is so important

Improves morale of employees

Training helps the employee to get job security and job satisfaction. The more satisfied the employee is, greater are his morale and the more he will contribute to organizational success.

Lower Employee Turnover/ Higher Employee Retention

Trainings is now enabling employees to have longer commitments to their work through adequate and timely skill up-gradation. UAE is a growing market for industries. With this as a background we have to assume that job changes will be a natural corollary to new hire. Employee retention has long been a challenge in the UAE market. So as to reduce the instances of attrition, training and development has become an important tool.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are better motivated and thus give higher quality output. Training and development provides skill and will enhancement through training interventions which increase employee engagement and satisfaction. It adequately addresses problems such as de-motivation, burn out & skill stagnation etc. The resulting effect is an engaged and satisfied workforce.

Cost Reduction

The cost of new hire and on-boarding is frequently covered in the first few years of the employee job cycle. Training and development reduces cost of new hire by utilizing existing employees to the full measure and reducing attrition.

Training as Hiring Tool

Employees are increasingly looking for organizations that facilitate employee development programs. Such organizations bear higher chances of quality recruitment and achieving the right fit by attracting a better talent pool.

Cross- Functional Flexibility

Organizations, especially new ventures benefit greatly from skill based flexibility. Training facilitates cross functional efficiency thus leading to greater productivity. Training therefore is highly useful for job rotation within the organization.

Corporate Training at Svarna

Our Corporate programs bouquet include not only essential corner stone training programs such as Winning at communication skills, Sales & marketing, Creating Service Excellence & Professional Self Development courses which aim at soft skill enhancement, but also superior & sophisticated programs that have the cutting edge in Training & Development. These programs are being globally recognized & redefine paradigms in the human resource sector.

Overview of Corporate Training at Svarna

  • Tailor-made programs with the integration of best industry practices and terminology.
  • Svarna provides corporate all flexibility to opt for training hours & sessions as per their requirement and need.
  • Group sessions can be beneficial with decreased economic costs and the use of team-based approach that the business program encourages.
  • Our training courses are suitable for groups of employees from diverse business sectors.
  • They are ideal for project teams made up of members from various departments or firms.
  • Svarna training is fully scalable, from one employee to an entire organization. We can conduct classes in our centre or at your premises.

Call us to schedule an assessment session to better understand your corporate training needs.

Corporate training courses

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Professional self development
  • Emotional Intelligence
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Our Customized Training Programs For Corporates

Sr. NoCourse NameSr. NoCourse Name
1Administrative Support21Leadership And Influence
2Advance Selling Skills22Managerial & Leadership Skills
3Advance Negotiation Skill23Managing A Successful sales Team
4Assertiveness And Self-Confidence24Meeting Management
5Basic Selling Skills25Managing own key competencies
6Body Language Basics26Negotiation Skills
7Business Writing27Organising Meeting & Events
8Communication Strategies28Overcoming Sales Objections
9Conflict Management29Personal Effectiveness
10Creative Problem Solving30Presentation Skills
11Critical Thinking31Problem Solving & Decision Making
12Customer Service32Proposal Writing
13Customer Relationship Management33Public Speaking
14Delivering Constructive Criticism34PRM- Professional Relationship Management
15Employee Motivation35Sales Fundamentals
16Effective Communication Skills36Spoken English
17Effective Team Player37Stress Management
18Event Management38Strategic Marketing
19Interpersonal & Communication Skills39Teamwork And Team Building
20Key Account Management40Time Management
41Verbal & Non Verbal Communication

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