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Conflict Management

Conflict management program enables you to identify and manage conflicts proactively, fairly, and efficiently. It seeks to identify the 5 basic positions of conflict management and helps the participants to use them individually or as combination to tackle conflicts. It will provide a thorough conceptual framework to help practitioners practically use, interests vs. Positions, coercive leverage vs. Normative leverage, etc to transcend to the collaborative from combative style of conflict management. It will ensure creating a healthily welcoming and goal oriented approach to resolving differences.

Do you really need it?

  • How do you perceive conflict
  • Do view conflict as an externalized phenomena
  • What is your conflict management styles
  • How do you view your ability to manage conflict
  • Are you able to ensure quality business outcomes while managing conflict

What will it do for me?

  • Analyze and understand the key practical and theoretical concepts of managing and resolving
  • Analyze the influence of gender and cultural differences, persuasion, perception and power in conflict resolution
  • learning assertive communication to mange conflicts healthily
  • Analyze and describe the nature of small and large-scale conflicts. .
  • Analytically and theoretically understand the types of conflict management styles.
  • Relate the importance of assessing one’s own conflict management style.

What will I do better after this?

  • Gain proficiency in the use of skills and tools in mediation and conflict engagement
  • Demonstrate ability to manage each phase of the mediation process
  • Approach conflict with clear intent
  • Managing conflict in a situational manner

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