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This program takes you on a journey of transformational leadership. It seeks to explore your leadership style and map your potential as an enabling and inspired leader. This program focuses on the quality of existing & nascent leadership. It will redefine the organizational culture through focused & proactively engaged leaders. It seeks to evaluate, educate and enhance the leadership styles. It will also help in creating the leaders in the pipeline. It will leverage the knowledge skill and attitude matrix for creating the thinking and strategic leadership.

Why do you need it??

  • Is your top and middle level leadership in sync with the organization goals
  • Is the leadership able to translate the performance goals to the employees
  • Is the leadership leading through example
  • Does the work force feel motivated with the leaders?
  • Are you grooming leaders to take future positions in a focused manner?

What will it do for me?

  • Leading vs managing
  • Situational leadership
  • Aligns the leaders with organization goals
  • Tools and models to create a cultural shift in leadership in your organization.
  • Promotes a self aware leadership culture
  • Gives their leadership styles greater bandwidth
  • Creates vision wise cohesive strategy

What will I do better after this?

  • Aligning the leadership & organizational goals
  • Leadership through personal mastery
  • Leadership with vision & values
  • Coaching & mentoring skills
  • Communicating the broad focus
  • developing stretch skills in leadership

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