Certificate in Customer Service for Managers

Every organization depends on customer service. Due to rising customer expectations, delivering excellent service is no longer a choice but a necessity. When you equip your front line staff with the skills to create a quality experience for your customers, you differentiate your organization from the competition, enhance customer satisfaction and your organization’s image. A combination of Knowledge, attitude, techniques and skills are essential for the customer service professional to provide a holistic and quality customer experience. This training program is for learners who are at any stage of their career in Customer Services to deliver professional customer service to external paying customers as well as internal customers.

Note: This training includes exercises for individual, group discussions, role plays, case studies and video reviews.


Training Understanding Form

Workshop Objectives
Introduction & basics of Customer Service Who Are Customers? (internal/external) What is Customer Service?
Who Are Customer Service Providers?
Importance of great customer service Characteristics of great service Support vs. Service Metrics Trends

Appearance Counts!
The Power of a Smile
Staying Energized
Staying Positive

Understanding the Customer’s Problem
Staying Outside the Box
Meeting Basic Needs
Going the Extra Mile

Following Up
Addressing Complaints
Turning Difficult Customers Around

Dealing With At-Your-Desk Requests
The Advantages and Disadvantages of In- Person Communication
Using Body Language to Your Advantage

The Advantages and Disadvantages of
Telephone Communication
Telephone Etiquette
Tips and Tricks

Basics of Effective Communication
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Communication
Understanding Netiquette
Tips and Tricks
Professional Communication Through Text
Examples: Chat, e-mail, sms, web chat

Theories of Motivation
Customer Loyalty
The Fantastic Service Equation
What to Do Next

Leadership Initiatives
Training for Leaders
Leadership and Customer Service
What to Do Next


The Cost of Losing a Customer
Customer Expectations
Other Factors
What to Do Next

De-Escalating Anger
Establishing Common Ground
Setting Your Limits
Managing Your Own Emotions

Ten Tips

What to Document
Using Tools
Prepare Documentation


Research Analytics
Discover Opportunities
Prevent Problems
Provide Support Before People Know They Need It

Building customer-first company culture
On-boarding new customer service

Customer Challenges
Ticket Backlogs
End Relationship with Customer

Words from the Wise
Lessons Learned
Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations


All our courses are KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, U.A.E.) certified.

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