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Adobe Illustrator

Duration: 10 hours


Design and create amazing works of art using the powerful vector-based drawing program—Adobe Illustrator. Learn how to create multipage documents with artboards; how to draw anything you can imagine with the Pen, Pencil, and Curvature tools; and how to start adding color to your artwork with swatches. The trainer also covers drawing shapes, adjusting strokes, formatting text, and painting digitally, with or without a tablet. Each chapter should leave you with a new set of skills—and a sense of accomplishment.
As Creative Cloud evolves, this course is updated. Check back for new movies, new feature reviews, and new ways to work.

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Topics include:

  • Opening, creating, saving, and closing documents
  • Working with artboards
  • Zooming and panning
  • Drawing lines, arcs, grids, and spirals
  • Drawing shapes
  • Creating compound paths
  • Working in RGB vs. CMYK color modes
  • Creating and applying swatches
  • Adjusting the line weight of strokes
  • Formatting text
  • Building custom paths with the Shape Builder and Join tools
  • Freeform drawing with the Pencil
  • Painting and erasing artwork
  • Painting and erasing artwork
  • Drawing with the Curvature tool

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