With Adobe Illustrator Classes In Dubai, You Can Expand Your Creative Horizons.

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard drawing tool for vector graphics, which aptly describes this category.
Adobe has gone to great lengths to maintain its leadership position, and Illustrator possesses a number of extraordinary features.
Edoxi provides Adobe Illustrator training in Dubai for professionals eager to learn and master the program.

Adobe Illustrator users can learn new skills for free or through costly classroom sessions. We are aware that Illustration is currently diverse. Even if they conceptualize their artwork by hand, more and more professional artists are performing their duties on computer software. Wide-ranging computer skills are becoming increasingly important for all artists.

Benefits of using Adobe Illustrator:

There is no denying that Adobe Illustrator Training is one of the industry’s leading software programs that is currently available to everyone. It has a large user base that uses it on a daily basis.
There are numerous cool features in Adobe Illustrator that a novice user can experiment with and build editable paths, shape graphics, change graphics, import different formats, various stroke options, allows precise positioning, eraser tools, 3D effects, smoothing tool, play with cool color effects, live trace, Flexi brushes, and many more. Transparent text effects, kerning, skewing, text-wrap, and other great typography edit tools give the user complete control over text.
It gives you more leeway in changing the work environment. It will have an excellent user interface that allows for customized viewing and saves space. It provides more control over text and formatting options such as paragraph creation and OpenType fonts. Illustrator increases productivity because it allows for in-panel editing and the use of multiple artboards at the same time.
Because it is a vector-based program, it allows you to create graphics that are scalable to any degree while maintaining resolution. The lines are crisp and sharp, making them ideal for printing. Illustrator files are relatively small in size, making them ideal for sharing, mailing, and use.

Adobe illustrator course
The Topics Covered:


All our courses are KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, U.A.E.) certified.
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