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Adobe InDesign

Duration: 10 hours


InDesign is an essential tool for designers, ad agencies, magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and freelancers around the world. It will help to build everything from traditional print publications to interactive PDFs, digital magazines, and eBooks. This course presents a thorough explanation of the core features and techniques that make this page layout application so powerful, fun, and easy to use.

Learn how to navigate and customize the workspace, manage documents and pages, format text and graphics, experiment with color and gradients, draw and transform shapes, create interactive documents, package your designs for print, and much more.

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Topics include:

  • Getting started with InDesign
  • Setting up a new document
  • Inserting text
  • Placing graphics
  • Formatting objects
  • Creating color and gradient swatches
  • Organizing InDesign projects with layers
  • Transforming objects
  • Incorporating drop caps, bullets, and numbering
  • Applying character and object styles
  • Building tables
  • Creating an interactive PDF and exporting to EPUB
  • Printing and exporting
  • Much more….

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