Approved by KHDA (Duration 30 Hours)

Web Designing

Why Do I Need to Learn Web Design?

A growing number of businesses are looking for people with web design experience. More than ever before in history, people are shopping online. When looking for a new job, a person that has been design experience will have an advantage over other applicants that do not have the same skills
Designed For:
Those who want to make their own site (for fun or profit), or maybe you’d like to create web sites for other people-perhaps even professionally.

Course Overview:

Advance Courses:

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful program used across many industries, from art and design to scientific imaging.
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WordPress (Advanced)

WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites. Learn how to create your own with this powerful publishing platform.
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Adobe Dreamweaver (Advanced)

Discover how to build web sites, prototypes, and more in this course on Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.
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Throughout the entire course, you’ll be taking action!
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All our courses are KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, U.A.E.) certified.

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