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Duration: 10 hours


HTML is the programming language that powers the web. In addition, like any language, once you master it, you can begin to create your own content, whether that is simple websites or complex web applications. This course provides an in-depth look at the essentials: the syntax of HTML and best practices for writing and editing your code. The trainer reviews the structure of a typical HTML document, and shows how to section pages and format your content with HTML. In addition, learn how to create links and lists, and find out how HTML works with CSS and JavaScript to create rich, engaging user experiences. So open a text editor, watch these videos, and begin learning to author HTML the right way.

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Topics include:

  • Why is HTML important?
  • Exploring an HTML document
  • Formatting content
  • Displaying images
  • Using nav, article, and div elements
  • Linking to pages and downloadable content
  • Creating lists
  • Controlling styling (fonts, colors, and more)
  • Writing basic scripts

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