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Learn English and enjoy life to the fullest.

Having confidence in your English can help you in so many different ways. It can help you get a better job. It can help you make more friends. It can even help you use the internet more effectively.  As English experts, we are in a unique position to bring you closer to the English language and help you speak, listen, read, and write with confidence so you can get the most out of everyday life. With help from the best, most complete learning resource, the Svarna Training institute gives you a much better chance of succeeding.

So, whether you want to learn English for the first time, brush up on your skills, or become an expert speaker, we have the right course for you. Explore the wide range of courses and help from English experts around the world that can help you make the most of your life.

Communication is the doorway to all possibilities, and our Spoken English Course is designed to help students who want to improve their skills and increase their confidence in everyday situations. This course aims to develop learners’ language skills through the communicative approach to teaching. The module will explore various conversation topics through interactive English speaking lessons to raise students’ awareness of real-life scenarios. Our native-speaking tutors will allow learners to practice speaking, both intensively and extensively, through various group-oriented activities.

The course includes an introduction to phonetics and an overview of the English language. You will also learn about the principles of effective communication, which are essential to any interaction in English. As you progress through your course, we will teach you how to respond appropriately and add value to a conversation with colloquial expressions.

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Some of the spoken topics explored include:

  • School/job
  • Greetings and Gestures
  • Home town
  • Holidays
  • Free Time
  • Sports
  • Family & Friends
  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Environment
  • Technology

We have different packages with easy installment plans according to your education needs.


All our courses are KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, U.A.E.) certified.

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