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Business Writing

Total Hrs: 12-15

Being a confident and polished speaker can help you get a job while your effective writing and help you get a strong position in your job. Our Business writing course is designed for professionals who require to improve their written communication skills. We emphasize on latest format along with popular business terminologies.

Course Outcome:

  • Enables you to communicate effectively through writing
  • Enables you to master basic principles of writing
  • Enables you to craft your correspondence flawless
  • Provides insight on essential grammatical structure.

Course Outline:

S. NTopics Sub Topics HoursActivity Assignments
1Principles of writing Six cā€™s, 1PPT+ Discussion Practice
2Letter Writing, Writing Emails, Enquiry, Quotation and Response Types, Format, component and sample2PPT+ Discussion Drafting a letter
3Sales Purchase, Order offer, Writing application Content, Description and sample2PPT+ Discussion Drafting a letter
4Report WritingFormat, Types and Sample 2PPT+ Discussion Drafting a Report
5Proposal Format, Types and Sample 2PPT+ Discussion Drafting a Proposal
6Spelling and Punctuations Common Errors 2PPT+ Discussion Practice
7Vocabulary Technical and Managerial 2PPT+ Discussion Practice
8Test and Evaluation 1PPT+ Discussion


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