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We live in a fast-paced world where technology took over and it is crucial to adjust your business to the upcoming changes. Digital HR is focused on bringing technology closer to HR to make it more efficient, to offer employees the tools that will make them happy and successful at work and to drive better business value.
There is no better time of turning technology into a competitive advantage than now. Implementing and embracing technology will allow participants to position themselves to lead the digital transformation in HR and provide an understanding of the major trends influencing HR, its workforce and the future of work. The program teaches to use technological advancements as competitive intelligence.

Who can attend?

Nor prior knowledge is required to take admission in the HR Digital Course. Students of Bachelors, Masters and people with 3-10 years of (HR related) work experience can take the course.

What will you learn?

  • Digital Strategy
    Develop a detailed strategy for digital HR that will function as the
    blueprint for the implementation and transformation process.
  • Business & Technology
    Align technology with ‘the business’ by creating a digital agenda
    which is driven by business needs.
  • Thought Leadership
    Develop a vision of where your organization will be heading based
    on the HR Tech landscape and assume a thought leadership
  • Design Thinking
    Create solutions that work for your users (employees) by analyzing
    the employee experience and applying the design thinking
  • ROI Management
    Use ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) calculations to determine the
    impact and viability of investments in new (HR) technologies.


  • MODULE 1: The Future of Work
  • MODULE 2: Digital HR
  • MODULE 3: The Future of HR
  • MODULE 4: Business Support
  • MODULE 5: HR Analytics and Internal Alignment and
  • MODULE 6: Creating and Implementing a Digital HR Strategy
  • MODULE 7: Understanding Our Employee
  • MODULE 8: Defining, Creating, and Testing a Solution
  • MODULE 9: Design Thinking in Practice


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