Course overview


This basic finance skills training provides you with all the tools you need to effectively analyze your business and work from a financial performance perspective. You will be able to analyze the three financial statements and how they are linked with each other: the Profit & Loss Statement (P&L), the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow Statement. 

Finance for Non Finance Professionals

You will learn how to analyze the performance of the company or your department even further by using key financial ratios; you will get a basic understanding of financial reporting and financial investment decision-making. The course will cover Investment Appraisal, which means how to determine whether a new investment or new business venture will provide a good Return on Investment. This course on financial performance and analysis has a high level of involvement. For each section of the course, once you learn the structure and approach, you will do practical tasks, quizzes, and exercises.

Every business professional who is involved in making financial decisions will need to have a little bit of finance skills. This is important because understanding of fundamental budgeting principles is going to help to make more rational and justified financial management decisions. With finance skills, there is no reason why a business cannot be made better and there is no excuse for a business not to be made better.

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers and Team Leaders
  • Divisional and Department Heads
  • Department Heads & Managers
  • Investment professionals
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Experienced Managers and Directors who want to improve their financial acumen
  • Managers and Executives of all levels with a non-financial background
  • Individuals who want to raise their financial awareness


What will you gain

  • The content below is about how to improve the copy for the content Acquire fundamental knowledge of financial principles to improve budget management.
  • Become an Advanced Decision Maker with the Help of Modern Financial Tools and Methods|
  • Understand how provisions such as bad debts and warranties affect your P&L
  • Looking to stay afloat during a tough economy? Check out our how to understand the balance sheet and analyze working capital tips!
  • Realize the importance of optimum asset utilization and its practical application
  • Know how to efficiently use breakeven analysis for better decision making
  • Use variance analysis for successful operational controlling and monitoring
  • Understand budgeting foundations and be able to operate with various budgeting approaches
  • Apply Investment Appraisal techniques (ROI) to evaluate investment decisions


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