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Managerial skills

This program aims to builds a Janus headed approach to managerial skills with respect to managing human capital. It will equip the new and experienced managers with skills that drive gaining support business goals. It will infuse the managerial style with basic leader ship traits and will help the in making effective the key task related areas. It trains you the crucial foundational skills to shift from being an individual contributor to a well-respected manager. It will bring about team success and drive bottom-line performance. Specifically, a manager will use his or her own abilities, knowledge base & share experiences, and contextual perspectives to increase the productivity of those with whom they manage.

Why do you need it??

  • Does your managerial style & the organization work culture have synchronicity?
  • Does your style on management focus more on tasks than people?
  • Does your management style flounder when faced with obstacles?
  • Do you enrich the organizational culture with your managerial inputs?
  • Do you feel the lack of political sense?

What will it do for me?

  • Will provide effective paradigms shifts to facilitate managerial traits
  • Managing diversity in work place
  • give impetus to innovation related change.
  • Effective delegation and building ownership
  • Motivating through personal and interpersonal empowerment
  • Implementing reward and recognition to drive growth
  • managing people through change

What will I do better after this?

  • Flexibility in managerial style
  • Tactical way of engaging people
  • Enhanced diagnostic skills
  • Broader focus of vision
  • Strong political sense

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