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Team building

This is highly engaging and interactive program where one can learn the techniques of building team this program aims to enhance inter & interdepartmental cohesion. They learn how to build, participate in & lead teams that are better able to make decisions, solve problems and achieve common goals. It will build the team cohesiveness and provide an impetus to personal and professional growth within the team. It will help in garnering better team commitment towards organizational goals.

Why does the team need it?

  • Do your teams display cohesive group behavior
  • Is the team driven by shared internal goals
  • does lack of conflict management impact team out comes
  • Does the feedback loop create constant proactive focus
  • Do the team processes get periodic and systematic review

What will it do forth team?

  • Highlights team dynamics, issues, and behavior
  • Master techniques to manage teams at the forming, storming, norming, and performing & adjourning stages
  • Maintain healthy levels of conflict for optimum performances
  • Create out of the box solutions for resolving conflict
  • Gain strategies & techniques to ensure effective & productive team meetings
  • Learn techniques to foster teamwork & create a supportive team culture

What will the team do better after this ?

  • Accelerates process of team roles and forming of a shared vision
  • Inspires better conflict resolution skills and communication
  • Improves decision making and individual leadership skills
  • Reduces turnover of high-performing talent by forging interpersonal trust
  • Relieves stress levels & inspire laughter and learning
  • Increases commitment to defined goals at all levels of your organization
  • Identify team’s strength and weakness

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