Professional self development is designed for Improving the professional skill set through competencies and skills such as Time management, Personal effectiveness, Stress management, Problem Solving and Decision making, Team building, Managerial and leadership skills, conflict management etc.

Post-Traumatic Training

Conflict Management

Conflict management program enables you to identify and manage conflicts proactively, fairly, and efficiently.

Team Building

This is highly engaging and interactive program where one can learn the techniques of building team this program..

Customer Service

Customer service program will span the vital elements of identifying and continuously meeting customer needs in all its complexity.


This program takes you on a journey of transformational leadership. It seeks to explore your leadership style and map..

Managerial Skills

This program aims to builds a Janus headed approach to managerial skills with respect to managing human capital.

Problem Solving Decision Making

The program is designed to facilitate growth and increase organizational deliverable through....

Supervisory Skills

This program aims to builds the supervisory skills with respect to the managing high performance teams,